With this project, we will be using one dimension of lumber with three different lengths. You'll notice below the different materials that I used to create this project. As this project is intended to be modified, use any materials that suit your project. The materials are listed below with their thickness x height x length.


1.5” x 3.5” x 30”


1.5” x 3.5” x 18”




Taking three C dimensions, - two vertical and one horizontal - place the ends together and ensure that they are square and join with screws or nails. Create a total of two copies.

C x2


Take the two parts from the previous step and square with the top to form a box. Ensure that all of the ends of the B pieces are flush without any hanging. Join into the sides vertical pieces and into the ends of the horizontal pieces.

B x2


Take the cap and place on top. Again, ensure that there are no overhanging edges and join into the horizontal boards. Instead of using an entire board for a cap, try multiple boards spaced evenly across the top. Find what works best with you.

You've now completed the stool part!



This is a good moment to consider what you might want add or modify to the project - a stool is a great taking off point.

​ If you'd rather Continue with the Chable, you're already halfway there! Keep It up!

Take two A and two C dimensions and place the horizontal C in the corner of A in order to create an "L" shape. Once the ends are flush, join together. Create a mirror version to ensure the horizontal C dimensions always face out.

A x2

C x2


Take a B dimension and connect the two sections by the horizontal ends, creating a partial box. Ensure everything is flush. If it is difficult to construct as visualized, try to attach them upside down, to work with the "L" dimensions.



Now that we have two sections, we're going to connect them with two A dimensions, one on each side. Join to at least two sides of each section, and if you'd like you can attach to all of the stool legs.

A x2


Now that the sections are attached, attach the cap to the table section just as you attached the cap for the stool. Consider that this is the table surface, what activities may occur on this plane?

Congratulations, you've completed the Chable! Use it however you'd like and remember, you can always add on to it!





Click the button below to access the link to the printable version of the document. It is setup as a saddle-stitch which allows you to fold along the center and set the spreads in together. Ensure that your printer is able to handle double-sided printing as to create a better experience and save paper!


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